VIS CAECA SONI   (The hidden power of sound in Latin language)

  • VCS  is an award-winning technology that allows visually impaired and blind people, move in three-dimensional virtual spaces.    
  • VCS refers to a collection of rules, procedures, protocols and routines which permits a visually impaired person to navigate using audio signals.
  • VCS is the Research and Development basis of the Project “Entornos virtuales para la integración”, (Virtual environments towards integration), awarded in the conference REMPRENDE 2005 as the most innovative technological project. (Madrid, June 2005).
  • VCS optimizes the default 3D Sound routines, as it is customized for each player and allows a higher accuracy and safety.
  • Please, ask for the White Paper Document ( under demand ) 
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VCS is supported by Duineacu Limited in Ireland