• VCS 3D MAPSwith duineacu's tools

    Build and Share

    Create your own maps, introduce your place!!! Blind and visually impaired people will be able to visit the places before being there...

  • VCS Prototypes;)

    Create, test, share

    Quick to build, easy to test. Create your maps and immerse yourself into your own creations to ensure its viability.

  • VCSAlgorithms & formulas

    Apply VCS technology

    Think before build. VCS technology will allow your 3D software to be shared with blind people and many other features.

  • VCSmore than Algorithms & formulas...

    VCS and coding process

    Open new dimensions to your 3D software. Based on VCS technology to drive through sound any feature...

  • VCSFeel the power of sound...

    New Gaming Dimension

    Have you tried? Let's close eyes and feel the new dimension. Will you be able to play ? You never played like this before ...

  • Onae, Zoe's adventureFirst game based on VCS

    Onae's world

    An earthquake has left Zoe in an incredible giant ants world... Will she be able to go back home? a 3D adventure with VCS technology...

  • Onae, Zoe's adventureGame released ...


    The game was developed for ONCE ( Blind People Organization in Spain), four levels, five languages and celebrities featuring the voice over.

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